Abstract/Central Question

This study determined that Advanced Imaging Technology (aka Full Body Scanning) is neither effective nor necessary in America’s airports. In fact, it was found to be detrimental to the health of travelers’ who pass through the scanners, and is also a gross violation of the personal privacy and freedom of our citizens. Furthermore, our studies find that this technology is exceedingly fallible, and does not protect us from harm.

Our study was based on the recent local controversy at Orlando International Airport. Advanced Imaging Technology was installed there in 2010. Amidst numerous reports that some scanned images were saved and distributed to unauthorized viewers, we felt this technological controversy needed to be addressed.

Our methods included meticulous research into the Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA), as well as other government entities such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We also referenced the websites of several news organizations, which provided us with critical instances in which these scanners violated the privacy and health of our citizens. In addition, we have included several important videos that will visually reaffirm why Advanced Imaging Technology is unnecessary.

The data collected is significant because it shows just how ineffective and dangerous Advanced Imaging Technology really is. The government should never subject its citizens and international travelers to such infringements of freedom; there is a better way.

Question: Why must the freedom of American citizens be violated in order to protect us from terrorism?
Answer: It mustn’t.