Welcome to Our KnightsWrite Wiki

A Collection of Articles from Spring 2011

Welcome to Professor Gomrad's course wiki. During the Spring 2011 semester, students collaborated on a series of articles dealing with a controversy related to a technological or scientific issue. This wiki contains articles that resulted from my students collaboration efforts. My class consisted of 65 students enrolled in ENC 3241, Writing for the Technical Professional.

Students Please Note!

While editing a page, the wiki locks other users out of the editing tool.
Please do your work outside of the wiki editing tool so that other students may upload their work! You can easily work outside the Wiki by word processing your information in Word and then copying and pasting the content into the Wiki. Once your content is there you can add formatting if necessary, and then your graphics, links to other websites, YouTube videos, sound files etc.

ENC 3241 Students Please Read

Each student on your team MUST participate in placing his or her portion of the article on our course Wiki. In addition, each team member MUST engage in the decision making process of adding the links to the additional Internet content (websites, graphics, charts, videos, sound etc.) Your individual reference lists must merged and listed in alphabetical order at the end of your article.